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Shoot me. Please.

So, exhausted from trying to finish up work. (Current status: one project, done (I think), next project start: partly done, need to finish it up by end-of-workday tomorrow. Tentative wootage ensues.)

Y'know my really crappy beginning-of-weekend that I already posted about? Well, Sunday we turn around, and my mother is having more of her breathing problems. It's yet another of those good/bad things, since yeah, she had to go in to the hospital, but she caught it early this time, which meant she could go up in some measure of dignity, in the car rather than strapped to a gurney in an ambulance. And it also meant that, well, she didn't end up having another heart attack due to the pressure on her heart, and she is getting out (probably) tomorrow (it depends on how her x-rays look, from the sounds of it). As opposed to being in there for a week or two.

But now, we also get news today that my uncle in Wisconsin passed away. Which you may remember from previous entries is no huge shock, since he has been dying by inches over the course of a few weeks. As my mother said, she's surprised honestly that he held on for this long. So I don't want to sound just heartless about it, but it was very much expected, and probably a mercy at this point.

Now of course, this means that my father flies out of Pittsburg on Thursday, and comes home on Sunday. Which means that I get another 3 days of taking care of my mother alone, after being completely exhausted by work, and still trying to work on the next stage of the one project (which luckily shouldn't be too demanding, *knocks on wood*, but still). And I feel guilty about bitching about this sort of thing when, y'know, my uncle died. But gods, I'm so exhausted. I'm really not up to this.
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