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Shaky Dreams

Bah, obviously I have to write shorter entries. If anyone reads even those. ><

I did find it noteworthy though that last night/this mornings I woke up twice after dreams that had me shaking a bit in my bed. Which isn't all that usual for me. That said, I still don't know if I'd classify them as flat-out nightmares, but still...

The first was during the night, and I'm still not sure what set it off. I dreamt I was in the mall with a group of friends (or at least *a* mall), and as we went to one end we started to hear a "tickticktick" (think the kind of loud clock-ticking-down sound that you hear for the show 60 Minutes) that was apparently a bomb that someone had set to go off, and was counting down.

Naturally, freaking out, we head for the other end of the mall so we can find safety. And end up stopped in the center, as... "ticktickticktick" we hear at the other end of the mall, as well. In fact, we could hear it in the center too, but we couldn't really get out of it. Try to go off to one side and "tickticktick"... try to go off to another... "tickticktick." Everyone ended up huddled in the center of the mall because the ticking was *slightly* quieter there, which people imagined would mean the blast, if it came, would be slightly less bad, but still...

So, not feeling like sitting around waiting for the explosion, I forged off alone through one of the stores/ticking areas, and outside the mall. And there was *still* a lot of ticking for a good way around the mall, as apparently the bomber (who remained totally anonymous) had wired up a good bit of the space around the outside as well, somehow. I finally reached a place where the ticking died down and eventually stopped, which made me calmer, but at the same time I wasn't relaxing yet because I knew with that much bomb-age set up around, there'd be a huge explosion if it blew and I needed to get as far away as I possibly could... although I was also still afraid of running out of the "calm" area and into more bombs.

That's the point where I woke up, shaking a bit. And like I said, I still don't know what brought it on. It's not like I'm living in constant fear of terrorists or anything, where I'm at, and I don't remember watching anything noteworthy in that department on TV lately. And my alarm clock is digital, and is the only working clock in my room, so no-go there. About the only thing I can think of is that the fan I had running was stirring some of my wall hangings slightly and occasionally causing them to fall back down with a "click" noise, but it wasn't anywhere near as constant as a ticking clock.

So since it was still fairly early, I managed to settle back down and fall asleep again fairly quickly. Then I had another dream over the course of the morning, which took a different direction...

This time, I was attending an animal show. An animal show with... Rod Stewart as the star/trainer. o_O No, don't ask, I have *no* clue where that part of the dream came from. I don't think I even own any Rod Stewart albums.

So anyhow, the animals on display were large cats, mostly tigers. And after the show, I hung around for a bit, and managed to talk my way into actually getting around some of the animals, petting some of the cubs, etc. As I was hanging around my parents (who were both there) left in their car to pick up our own animals, which were temporarily boarded at the vet for this, for some reason.

And then, as I'm playing with the big kitties and trying to work my way in to handling the larger critters, I get a phone call. (I think it was on a cell phone, although I don't actually own one.) And it's my mother, telling me they just got to the vet, and my cat Shotgun had died. And I hang up the phone sobbing my heart out in the dream, trying to explain to Rod Stewart that my cat had died, and that's around the point where I wake up, shaking this time from grief and emotion that was still carrying over slightly from my dream.

Now, this is a bit weird because my cat Shotgun actually died years ago. In fact he'd been gone for a few years before I got my current cat, Katana, who was 4 months old when I got her and is now 2 years old. But in my dream, he's the cat that died, and I don't think I had Katana at all.

At least I figure I can guess what brought on at least part of that dream. I'd been reading a friend's journal remembering her own cat that died a year ago, and comments much to the same effect after it. And then I caught an episode of Fullmetal Alchemist much closer to bed that included a girl whose cat died. The tigers and Rod Stewart though? No idea, although I know that my dream was even longer than that, but that's the main part I remember and that had me waking up shaking a bit.

Sometimes I really wonder what's going on in my own head...
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