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Fate Conspiring, and Badness, and Goodness.

Sometimes I wonder if the universe is out to get me, out to protect me, or just out to screw with my mind.

I feel guilty about kvetching about "the little things" right now, since others on my friends list have been going through much worse crap that life has been throwing at them. But at the same time... ever just feel like the world is looking over your shoulder in a very lurkish fashion, laughing at you softly, and screwing you over whenever you glance away?

I mean, the past couple days for instance. I don't usually talk about work stuff on here, since it's a fine line as to how much is "too much" anyhow, but to be fairly generic I've been having a crappy time of it this time, as it seems like just crappy stuff has been going craptastic. Technical term there. Then today I wake up, and just feel wretched. But... on the flip side, I got an extension for another project, which gives me a liiiittle extra time so I don't have to stress quite as much, and work quite as hard when I'm feeling ill as hell. (Which is probably mostly stress, because I start feeling better, then sit down to work, and start feeling ergh again.)

Then it's just like everything else decides to crumple around my ears. Last night, the snapshot capturing program I'm using decides "hey, I'm gonna spaz out for no reason!" and starts taking about 5-8 or even more shots of each single picture I want. Which isn't work-breaking, but is a pain in the ass, especially as I then have to sit and wait for it to decide to finish before I can start the playback of the footage I'm working from again.

Then as I'm moving my laptop today to prepare to work from it a bit (since I can, y'know, work on it while lying across the bed, which helps with the crappy-feeling), I accidentally put my foot on the power cord while I'm going to move it. Which YOINKs the cord out of the back of the laptop at a weird angle... and screws up the prongs inside somehow, so now the plug will no longer fit into the back of the laptop right. Which means that - guess what - I can't recharge it now.

Now THAT is a pain in the ass, but I do start it up long enough to finish what I'd previously been doing on the laptop, and didn't know if I could transfer over to my desktop correctly. And end up with maybe 15 minutes' juice left by the time I'm done, but hey, I got that part finished. So again there... it's Bad, but hopefully not work-breaking.

Then I come back downstairs, and come back to the desktop, figuring I'll work on finishing up a different section, the last I was doing from another game platform, since my laptop was screwed anyhow. One of the last bits required putting screenshots in, which in this case I'd captured with another device, and memory card. So...I go to hook up the device as usual, to get the screenshots off it and onto my desktop computer. And the folder opens automatically on my screen as the USB device recognizes "hey, I'm working now"... and flickers and dies again. I then tried pretty much everything "simple" I could to try to get the device to be recognized by the computer again - rebooting, turning the device off and back on, plugging the USB into different USB ports, opening the "my computer" icon to try to open the device manually rather than waiting for the folder to automatically pop up. Nada. Nothing. Even going into the my computer icon didn't show any device hooked up for me to open. And so now I'm left with no clue *what* is screwy in that particular setup... the device itself goes into USB mode, which I assume means it at least recognizes that it's plugged in, but other than that... could be the USB cable, could be the drivers for the USB devices, could be the ports (all of them though?), could be... I don't even know. -_-

BUT... my laptop has a memory card slot, and is on my wireless network. So with 15 minutes' juice left, I took the memory card out, put it into the laptop, fired it up, and transferred the screenshots to my desktop that way. And those *should* be the last screenshots I had to take with that particular device. Which means that while the hookup not working with my desktop is Very Bad for work in general, it happened at *just* the right time that it doesn't matter much at this particular moment (I hope! *knocks on wood*), and when I had *just* enough juice left on my laptop to use it to save myself.

So now I'm left wondering... what the hell? I'm running into all these disasters with my freaking hardware all at once... and yet with juuuust the right "escape route" to keep them from totally stopping my current project. I hope. *knocks on wood again*

That's not the only stuff in my life that's making me wonder what's "good" and what's "bad" anymore, either. For starters, I got the newest Terry Pratchett book a few days back, and have managed to read it on my bits of downtime. And this is another thing that fits the mold of "its... but... it's also... yeek!" (For the record, I'll give general views on the book below, but not actual active spoilers. So.. spoilers for mood, and structure, if you will, but not plot details. Please try to give warning if you're changing this in the comments. If anyone reads through this monster entry enough TO comment.)

I mean, it's Pratchett. And because of this, there's some definite Good Stuff in the book. Characters I love, more interesting characters being introduced, furthering the overall Discworld story while also telling one smaller individual story... good stuff. And it's a *Watch* book, which is one of the best subsets of the Discworld. Usually.

Yet at the same time, I'm left a bit cold. For one thing, the book feels like its pacing is all off. I mean, one of the biggest events to happen in the book, one that you feel like you've built up to a bit, happens right smack dab in the middle, and after that point half the time it feels like the book is just petering its way out to a close of some sort.

Plus, we have plot elements introduced, and then as far as I can tell, just dropped totally. Like there are a few things mentioned and things happening, and then from what I can see, we never find out what they're *about*, or see any consequences. Bwuh?

And extremely annoyingly, the book just reads like it was rushed out the door. I've never really noticed Pratchett books to be bad with the typographical errors (maybe because I came into Discworld pretty late, who knows?) but this one? Ye gods and little fishies! It seems like every page I'm noticing a word tense that's wrong, or a typo, or something that just doesn't make sense the way it's written. Enough that it's really very distracting. Which just shrivels up my little English major soul, it does! Yargh!

I'm starting to wonder if the Discworld is going into a roller-coaster phase. We had Monstrous Regiment, which was "meh" overall. (As a note, I first typoed that as "men" overall, which is an... ironic typo, for those who have read it.) Then we had Going Postal, and I'm not sure how others viewed the book, but I myself enjoyed it quite a bit. Not one of the outright *best* Discworld books, but then again that's a hard level to reach, and it was certainly average-or-better, I thought. And now... this one.

And then we have the other good/bad thing I wanted to comment on: this.

For those who haven't played them, the Caesar games are really cool city-building games, some of the first of the genre I ever cut my teeth on. Tons of fun, and put out by Sierra... which is now defunct. So between that fact, and the fact that it's been years since the last one came out with nary a whisper of more, I had figured that Caesar III was just the last of the series ever to come out. But lo and behold out of the blue... BAM! Caesar IV.

Woohoo! This news fills me with much, much joy. Very much. Awesome!

And the downside? The game is slated to be release... in fall of 2006.

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