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In my dreams (and to the top we'll fly)...

Alright, I did promise some sort of content, didn't I?

I'd originally been intending to write a huge round-up post of various topics, but as I started the fuse blew, shutting off my computer. I took it as a sign not to be too ambitious, especially since I'm still finishing up a project and shouldn't spend too long here. Meh.

So. One of the things about a hectic project is that with the stress and work, I tend to end up having... odd dreams a lot of the time. Vivid. Often concerning the game I'm playing at the time, either me going through the gameplay ad nauseum (the worst!) or having some sort of dream about the content of the game as if I'm in the world.. or sometimes just dreaming of working on the project, like a nightmare about finding some extra bit of gameplay that's basic to the game but that I totally overlooked, at the last minute.

Not all of the vivid dreams are like this though. Sometimes they're other dreams, about completely other things. It's like the stress just acts as a release valve on some of the weirder parts of my subconscious. As a warning, this next dream especially isn't completely pleasant, so if you're like eating or whatever (or arachnaphobic), you might not want to read...

Probably one of the weirdest and just freakiest dreams I've had during this project was the one about the... creature. It was a really odd beastie, small, around the size of a mouse. And it was part mouse, at least, the head part was. The body however was that of a large spider, the orb-type, like a black widow. And its color and texture were like glass, at least the spider part. I needed to grab it and try to keep it held for some reason, I forget exactly why - but I think it had something to do with it having bitten someone, and me having to get it analyzed for the antivenom, because its bite, while like a mouse's, was poisonous like the spiders. So I'm there holding this creature, trying to keep it held behind the neck, but it managed to twist around and gnaw at my finger a few times, and finally escaped. I didn't think the bite was that bad, but when someone (my father I think) mentioned I was bleeding, I looked down - and the whole side of my finger was gnawed away, exposing bone.

That's probably the worst of them that I remember recently. Others have just been odd. Like the other night, when I dreamed that it was Christmas. And people from the family were visiting - including my Aunt Polly, who died a few years back. And I looked out the window, and a tornado was coming. So I was trying to get my mother into her wheelchair, so I could take her down into the basement (down the stairs... don't ask, I don't know). And I was also trying to get all the animals down the stairs. I don't remember how many/which dogs there were (except I'm pretty sure our current dog Lady was among them at least), but I'd gathered up our three cats to take down - an old Siamese, a young Siamese, and a black cat. The young Siamese was my (only) current cat Katana, the old Siamese was my previous cat Shotgun, who died even before Aunt Polly did, and the black cat? Not sure.

Then last night the only thing I remember about my dreams is that it involved some of the cast from Harry Potter. About all I remember is that some of the various slash fiction on the web must have been getting to me, despite the fact that I don't even read it. Because it involved Harry and Ron in... comprimising positions. Oh, nothing X-rated or really kinky, just...suggestive stuff. Like Harry climbing up on a stepladder to reach something, and Ron climbing up reaaally close behind him. Stuff like that.

Weirdness. >
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