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In which I pose a question:

I happened to think of this when pondering my most recent entry. Imagine, if you will:

You are given $20,000. Or the equivalent thereof, in your own little corner of the world. (So it'd be, what, 1 million, canadian?) But this comes with a string - you're to spend it on "fun" things, only. No paying off bills, no buying the house outright, no repairs you've been meaning to get to when you save up the cash, just recreation - and we'll go ahead and disallow cars since that would be more practical than fun, for that price. We'll also just assume that you've also had enough extra cash to pay off the taxes on the 20 grand.

So... what would you buy? Or otherwise spend it on?

I'm curious. I'm wondering, because I'm a bit stymied just what I'd buy for that.

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