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Oh yeah...

Guess I'm about due for another update.

My mother is now in high-level care (down from the ICU, so it's a good move) and also obviously off the respirator. She also has a phone now in her room. She was also apparently nauseated today for some reason, but I know she doesn't like hospitals at all and has been through a lot, so I guess that's not exactly surprising.

No clue about when she might actually be coming home, but hell, one step at a time.

(And in side news, I made the mistake of watching the weather on the news earlier. According to their "real feel," avec humidity it felt like 108 degrees in Cumberland today. WTF does this place think it is, Dallas?)



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Jul. 27th, 2005 02:57 pm (UTC)
Hope her situation continues improving quickly.

Re: Dallas: I hear you, sister.
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