Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

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today's update

Well, it's somewhat cheerful-er today *knocks on wood some more*. They took my mom off the respirator today, and said she's looking good, although she can't talk much because of her throat being sore from the machine. They're also talking of moving her down to high-level care, although I'm not sure if they mean today, or tomorrow, or what (I got the impression of today though).

After doing some tests yesterday, they said that she did in fact have (another) heart attack - they're not sure if it was at home, which kicked off the troubles, or if it was after she got to the hospital. Not sure if we *will* know that, but at least she looks to be on the mend. Not that I can really relax yet, but at least it's optimistic.

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