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Sore muscles suck. Sunburn sucks. Both together suck even more.

On the bright side, the pond has been dug, it has been lined, it has been filled with water, and the plants and the happy little fish (seven of them left alive for what it's worth - well, plus umpteen million snails) have all taken up residence. As the pond was built on a slope, I have a lot of the "hole" left unfilled with water up at the higher end, so tomorrow I want to try to build up more of a wall of dirt down at the lower end (which I started today) to try to get the edges more or less even (or at least MORE even), and get more water in there. At the moment it stands at around 575 gallons (US). Not nearly as much as I'd like, but not exactly shabby, either. Then once that's done I'll cover the edges of the liner with dirt, both anchoring and hiding them and making it all look more "natural." I might have tried to get more done today/tonight, but around 5pm it started storming madly, which had the nice (grrr) side-effect of also clouding up my nice clear water badly. *sigh* And making it harder to keep track of just how much water my pond will hold.

Because sometimes nature loves a joke just as much as everyone else.

Well, at least shortly I want to try to get more stuff done *inside* the house, and if it doesn't rain too much tomorrow I might be able to finish up with the pond. And maybe even get some of the spare dirt that I have still sitting in the yard shifted out to the dirt-pile behind the garage. Once the pond itself is pretty much done and the edges have been anchored down, I'll probably put up some pictures. Because.... well, just because. I want to, and it's my journal, right? ;)


Aug. 4th, 2003 10:34 pm (UTC)
It's a special liner made specifically for this use. It's from Tetra Pond, made by DuPont out of Xavan, whatever that is. It's somewhat rubbery, but very light - hard to explain. It seems easy to cut with scissors but fairly strong otherwise, though to be safe you put a soft underliner underneath it. You can go to http://www.tetra-fish.com and click on "products," then "pond liners," and I *think* what I'm using is the "Xavan liners" link.

I wouldn't want to risk poisoning my fish by using AOL CD's...