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Waiting really sucks.

Been a crap week, anyhow. Started on a new project (not crap in itself, just adds another layer of stress and stuff I should be doing), plus had second half of my root canal, which was bad just because it was long - 2 hours for that and getting readiness for my crown.

What really is sucking right now though is that my mom had to get taken out by ambulance again last night because of her breathing troubles/congestive heart problems. Again.

That in itself didn't have me too worried, although that probably sounds bad. But she's had to go via ambulance twice before, and was taken up by my father once when she "caught" it a bit early and hadn't yet gotten so bad. It just seems that every so often she fills up with fluid, and has to go have it all drained out before she comes home and the cycle starts again.

But now, I just got woke up by my father, saying that the hospital just called and she's "taken a *bit* of a turn for the worse," (emphasis his, and I'm not sure if it was theirs or not). So now I get to sit and wait for him to find out what's going on, and decide to call me and let me know. Which I hate. And he's so slow - and I get to sit and stew and he'll probably take forever just to decide to call and let me know anything, and he never seems to care that I'm worried to death and want to know something, anything.

So now I'm sitting and waiting.
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