Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Invisible Man - October 26th reading

Heh, yeah, I'm lazy about the cut title. Oh wells. (Wells... get it?) Time to finish off the book!

"Get dogs"... aaah, finally! I was reading the rest of the chapter thinking "Dogs damnit... dogs! He told you dogs would work against him!"

Kemp is fairly bright and quick to think on his feet, even if his little plan went awry. He doesn't seem too worried about his own head though, which I would be, given Griffin's vengeful nature!

:( Ack, poor little kid! At least it's not worse than a broken ankle, but dude. Wanna kick any puppies while you're at it?

"A grimly tragical manner." What, as opposed to a shiny bouncy tragical manner?

The police are quick to act, I'll give them that! They're still lucky though that Griffin was spending time Brooding though.

And... it moves to murder, not that this is all that surprising, given what we've heard of the Invisible Man's stories and intentions. But still... Igh.

Holy crap, what a towering ego. That letter just... yeah. Just... yeah.

Not to mention... blindingly stupid. Since his invisibility gives him unpredictability and stealth as his greatest strength, announcing where he's going to be and what he's going to do is just... well. Yeah. But hey, nuts.

NOOOOO don't give up your revolver to the guy going outside where the Invisible Man is! Don't do it! Argh....

Poor Adye. He should have taken his shot while he could. But at least he was brave enough to try to rush Griffin, rather than just tamely letting him kill Kemp.

More policemen... dudes, why are you not bringing dogs? You know the Invisible Man is around, since he assaulted the maid... Bah.

Meh, I can't really blame Kemp for not wanting to just sit around, waiting to be slaughtered. Although his chances probably would have been better if he helped in the fight, but still... it's understandable.

Quite a quick little climax and ending, eh? Although I can't figure out why he came back to visibility after dying - I mean, obviously nonliving things can be made invisible, like in his first experiment with the cloth. I guess it's just dramatic license.

"And Adye has questioned closely"... Oh ho, so I guess he wasn't actually killed, just wounded! That's good at least. And a very subtle way to let us know, too!
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