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Parasha: The Invisible Man - October 21st reading

Oh good, at least the invisibility is based on the study of Light, rather than something even more... handwavey, kinda like Jeckyll and Hyde, where "A Wizard Did It" is basically replaced by "A Chemist Did It" with no one the wiser.

Geez, and so he's not only a violent asshole, but Un-PC as well. :p Though I suppose that in the day and age, that phrase wouldn't be Wells consciously making him even worse.

That all being said, the whole "what makes up a man is even more transparent than water!" stuff is very very handwavey in its own way, but at least it's attempting to make some sort of rational explanation, rather than just saying "A Chemist/Physicist Did It."

Man, Griffin almost gets somewhat sympathetic in talking about his trials under the scientific field at the time, and then he ends the chapter with that whole thing about robbing his father, and his father shooting himself. Ouch.

And gee, Kemp seems to be looking out the window, and directing Griffin away from it subtly. Oh dear. This can't end well.

And... a girl he knew ten years ago? Talk about out-of-place... "Okay, so I was doing science, and had to go bury my father, what a pain... and then I met this girl I knew years ago and it was nice! Okay, and back to science..." I mean, WTF?

The cat though... that's just bizarre, the thought of those two eyes just floating around there. And man, that poor old woman is in for a shock! I really hope the kitty ended up okay though, given the fact that it was just a ghostly meow and a pair of eyes, as far as people are concerned. :( Especially caught down a grating! Poor kitty.... although I expected Griffin to just kill it out of hand, so there's that anyhow.

Umm... is it just me, or is him thinking of the advantages of being Invisible while looking on at children and girls (presumably young women) watching them a bit... yeah. *shudder* I really hope that's not what Wells was hinting at. I also wonder if it's where his introduction in LoEG came from.

... Strychnine? Seriously?

Griffin does have a habit of recklessly burning his bridges, doesn't he? Even before he becomes the Invisible Man. Well, and more than bridges apparently...

"All a little disappointed at finding no 'horrors'"... yup, that's human nature alright.

I also like the bit about him having difficulty with all the foot-traffic (and other traffic). It's a nice touch. Plus the weather bit. And the dog. (A hint to the doctor of how he could be found, if he takes it... I honestly can't remember.)

The Salvation Army huh? I guess that is rather old, I hadn't realized it was British as well!

"For a feared his subtle intuitions." Dude, a blind man is the only guy you can just be yourself with now! Unless the blind man was surrounded by others, I guess. That might be a bit awkward.

"Burnt his boats" indeed. Boats, bridges, same thing. And Kemp, oh Kemp. Yeah, that window thing is not going to end well.

And Wednesday will be chapters 22-24!
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