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I was going to say that I feel somewhat guilty posting positive stuff without at least lip service to other events... but hell with it. I don't. Life goes on, and I'm too relieved right now to wring hands.

As might be guessed, the first part of my root canal is now over and done with. The worst part by far was the fact that lying in that position for that long is absolute hell on my already-bad sinuses. The only pain was the brief bit from getting the shot to numb the area, just in case. Otherwise, no problems.

Of course, now I have to go back in just under two weeks (and ten in the morning, *sob*) to get things finished up, in an appointment that could take as much as two hours. Ugh. That's going to be annoying, but it's no drilling/filing/anything like that, just stuffing up part of the tooth, putting a post in, taking impressions, adding a temporary crown, etc etc. In other words, a lot of little things that need to be done over the course of the appointment. Still, not looking forward to it. But as I said, too relieved to be done with today to be angsty over it at the moment.

Also on the positive side, I got the second DVD of Kyo Kara Maoh yesterday. Whee! Already watched it last night, all five lovely episodes. I so love this series already. <3 Bishounen. Humor. More bishounen. A little touch of the "absurd" here and there, which I'm not a fan of in general, but it's such a light touch here that it doesn't distract. Mmmm.

Now I also have the next DVD of Saiyuki: Reload to watch at some point...

Yummy goodness.
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