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"The Jolly Cricketers"... such a nice name for a pub. I totally wanna go there.

"Conversed in American." Hehheh.

What, so, like, we don't know that shooting someone dead is murder in America? Yeesh...

Just firing indiscriminately out into the open? Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea...

And now we finally start to learn more about the Invisible Man. "University College"? Really? Really really?

Oh lovely, the Evil Albino again.

It is nice though that Wells does think things through. Like food being visible until it integrates into his body, or blood becoming visible as it coagulates and is no longer properly a part of the man anymore.

"They all got scared at me"... gee, I wonder why. I mean, between the Invisibility, and raising havoc wherever you go, and the threats of death...

Also: paranoid, much?

Not to mention waking up and immediately starting to bust up an old acquaintance's house... and I wonder why he finds it hard to get along with people.

For Monday, it'll be Chapters 19-21.


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Oct. 21st, 2012 01:20 am (UTC)
America was a wilder place then that it is now, and, to borrow a phrase, violence between consenting adults often got waved off by the law if you could make a vague claim of self-defense. Both John Wesley Hardin and Wild Bill Hickock's killers got let off on claims of self-defense, even though they'd shot unarmed men in the back, and in Hardin's case, that was close to when The Invisible Man was published.

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Oct. 22nd, 2012 05:03 am (UTC)
And now we finally start to learn more about the Invisible Man. "University College"? Really? Really really?

Either UCL (founded 1826) or Oxford (founded ~1249)? Or maybe I don't understand the question.

"Conversed in American." Hehheh.

Yeah! One of those constant light touches. I also snorted at:
"This, this Invisible Man, then?" asked the man with the black beard, with one hand behind him. "I guess it's about time we saw him."
"He's not in the kitchen," said the barman. "There's two women there, and I've stabbed every inch of it with this little beef slicer. And they don't think he's come in. They haven't noticed—"
"Have you fastened it?" asked the first cabman.
"I'm out of frocks," said the barman.
The image of the barman poking around the kitchen every which way with his carving knife made for good visuals.

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