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Meep, almost forgot to do this, in between Shooting All The Things!

Geez, okay, I know the whole "mankind is prone to rationalize away things that don't make sense" thing is a, well, thing... but I'd still think that if I saw an Invisible Man (or didn't see, as the case may be), I'd be a little more shaken than, y'know, just being ready to go party down some more for the festival after an hour or so!

The Misses Cuss and Sackbut? Man, poor ladies.

Gee, the stranger's talking to himself? Wonder what could be going on there? (Also, I like the description "reluctant alacrity" in this case...)

A... sailor? What? And stand clear...? I... okay then.

"You all raight thur?" Gee, what do YOU think, with the door locked, and ominous thumps and things coming from the room?

*snrk* How very indistinguished for a Vicar, going around starkers, I'm sure. At least Mrs. Hall keeps her head though... and man, what a ruckus an Invisible Man can cause!

"His temper, at no time very good"... gee, ya think?

And Wednesday is Chapters 13-15


Oct. 22nd, 2012 04:43 am (UTC)
Much more ruckus than I'd expected, somehow! I think you mentioned fisticuffs and the movie, earlier, but I was still surprised & impressed at how the chaos did ensue.