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Vacation? What?

So starting yesterday (Wednesday early morning to be exact), my parents are on vacation (or rather a good day's travel away at a family reunion) for over half a week, possibly around a week. And yes, for those that don't know, I live at home. Or rather, since that's not helpful, I live at the home where my parents also live. (Yes, there are reasons. Though if anyone knows any cheap places for rent in someplace like New Orleans or somewhere else neat, let me know, at least in maybe a couple months ;) ).

So anyhow, to get back to the topic, while they're out of the house (and the state) for the next week or so, I'm taking the chance to do some cleaning, organizing, and general Getting Stuff Done. And I'm beat!

Yesterday I didn't get as much done, as I'd helped see them out the door at like 7-something-AM, and spent the day completely tired, though I did at least get the lawn mowed and some clothes washed a bit of cleaning done. Today though I spent the day weed-whacking, shopping (which was a big part of the day right there), begining to dig in order to expand my fish pond by more than double its size, cleaning, taking out bags of garbage (including from cleaning out the refrigerator some), baking some dog treats, and cleaning some more. Oh, and of course doing my (very short this time around) weekly comic review, which I usually do on Fridays.

I feel like I've got at least a decent amount of stuff done, but I'm beat. And my muscles are going to hate me tomorrow - and they'll hate me even more when they realize that I haven't even got half of the digging/hauling of dirt done...


Now of course we'll see how long my willpower and energy can keep me going tonight - it's already midnight, but since I'm a late sleeper (and late riser) by nature, and no one else is here to be disturbed by the noise, I could still clean for another two hours or even more yet... but I'm just beat. :/

I may survive this week... wish me luck!
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