Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Hobbit, September 26th reading

Well, I'm glad that Bilbo has a Cunning Plan, because someone needs one. At the same time if the Arkenstone is all That Valuable, it sounds like it's more than his fair share!

Sounds like not everyone's happy with Thorin (even among the dwarves)... "well, I'm not going to say anything against our leader! But saying something against our leader..."

Sheesh, the elves don't even know what a hobbit is? I guess the Wood Elves really don't get out much, do they? They must be the cousins that none of the High Elves will talk about...

Oh great Bilbo, just blab all the secrets, give away the element of surprise for the dwarves if it DOES come to the worst.

Ah hah, so it's Gandalf again! I vaguely remembered him coming back into the story, but couldn't remember just when and where.

And man, Thorin, you are definitely a dick. Yeah, Bilbo thwarted you, but what happened to you owing him your life multiple times over and all that? Sheesh. Not to mention going back on your word and all...

So the dwarves totally stirred up the Goblins and wolves too eh? Man, they really kicked over a hornet's nest when they decided to go after their gold, didn't they?

Well, about time for the original dwarves to wade out into the mess they started. Late to the party, much?

Well at least Thorin redeems himself a bit, though one of course has to wonder just how contrite he'd have been if he could take his gold with him... can't say I'm exactly weeping over his end, either. Poor Fili and Kili, though.

It seems a bit odd of the Elvenking to say that the more Gandalf is in his halls the better, just after he says "may you ever appear where you are most needed"... that was a very sweet gesture from Bilbo, though.

Oh joy, more singing elves. *sigh* I really hope that in the movie, Jackson makes the elves more like in the original movies, than the ones in this book, much as I usually like the stuff to stick to the source material. -_- And it's not even really because of my elf.. thing, ya know. I just don't want to overdose on Twee.

Dun dun dun, the driving out of the Necromancer! For now... *ominous music*

Oh, now even Bilbo is getting all poetic and tuneful. Yay. Although I do admit to a soft spot for the "roads go ever ever on" one.

Wow, only one year before someone's presumed dead? At the very least Gandalf could have seen about leaving word with someone! Hrmph.

So next month... oh dear, I forgot to figure out what next month's reading is again, didn't I? I guess I should either figure out something now, or call a skip month again. Hrm, I'll ponder on it. Any suggestions?
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_hobbit
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