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Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Hobbit, September 21st reading

Yay, I actually remembered this time. :p

I don't get it, so if the ponies they're taking could get through in the same time as the dwarves' boats, and it's hard slogging and all, why didn't they just go with the ponies in the first place? o_O

Go go Mr. Baggins, taking charge and prodding those dwarves into action!

And now we have a cave not only with a door, but with a secret, locked door! Okay okay, it was a Dwarfhome, not just a cave, but I couldn't resist.

Geez, and the dwarves are getting all ungrateful again toward their burglar, not that I should really expect much better of them at this point. But gah, how many times does he have to save your bacon, oh king of the dwarves? Although I notice Bilbo is kinda hoping for Gandalf as well, but it's not quite as bad - he's just more idly wishing for the wizard's help. And a wizard is, after all, a wizard!

You'd think though that after what they map said, they'd know they had to wait until Durin's Day. Although I'd love to know how the whole thrush knocking thing works out - maybe it's an enchanted thrush? Or an illusion, worked into the door to trigger at the right time(s)? Still, that's a pretty crappy secret door, that can only be used so very infrequently!

"Decent enough people like Thorin and Company, if you don't expect too much." I guess that's one way to sum them up!

Silly silly Bilbo, you just had to take a cup, didn't you? Although to be fair I wouldn't have expected even a dragon to notice that one little tiny thing, either.

"Heard the awful rumour of his flight"... I rather like that little turn of phrase, for some reason.

*sniff* Poor ponies. I was hoping Smaug was too busy hunting for the men to stop and eat the horses.

Oh dear dear Bilbo, listening to the dragon and all! Tsk tsk. Although I guess if there's magic involved, it's more excusable. Still, he shouldn't be giving so much of the game away!

Huh, so Smaug is actually wearing *gems* as armor below him? For whatever reason, I was thinking it was just natural scales, I'd forgotten (or didn't catch) that particular quirk before.

And oh dear, the poor poor Lakemen. Silly dwarves and hobbitses, stirring up a dragon!

And for Monday, it's Chapters 13-15, as the chapters get shorter..
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