Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Hobbit, September 19th reading

Man, what with Bilbo living in hiding in the Elfking's home, wearing the ring constantly, you'd think it'd have affected him! Well, except for the whole "Tolkien hadn't planned that much for the ring yet" thing that I suspect was the case.

I'm glad that the dwarves are finally having a better opinion of Bilbo, although they seem to go from scorn, to just pinning all their hopes on him. Oh well, I guess it's not like they have much choice.

Drunken elves snoring with their heads on the table... not exactly what one pictures from such fantasy fiction!

Yeah, I can imagine it's difficult to ride a rolling barrel down a river. One wonders that Bilbo managed it at all, nimble as halfl... er... hobbits are.

Also: more than a whole day spent inside a barrel? Man, I really don't want to think what the inside of those things must be like after they were opened.

"Though I wish he could have arranged a more comfortable journey." Geeeez, yeah, you'd BETTER be more grateful when you've recovered. Jerk.

So Fili and Kili are Thorin's nephews, apparently. Not that it makes them much less interchangeable. And geez, Fili at least inherits Thorin's arrogance, given that they're coming up practically like beggars to the Long Lake, and throwing orders around to the guard captain.

Remember, Chapters 11 and 12 for Friday.
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