Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Hobbit, September 17th reading

Yeep, I almost forgot about today's reading!

Man, that's gotta be weird, sleeping on, y'know, a path rather than tucked away in a camp. It's also gotta be tricky not to leave the path for everything! At least they're all male, if you get the picture...

Also, it's tough to get any picture of just how long they're in the forest. Just the "days following days" and all.

"Black as a top-hat"? Really? Why a top-hat?

And they can't see 12 yards? I'll assume it's because of the blackness, and/or some unmentioned mist or something. Or else dwarves have really really bad eyesight above ground!

Black deer and white deer, very symbolic of something, I'm sure. Didn't a white hart figure into the legend of King Arthur, somewhere? Also, I was somewhat expecting the trip across the river to end up like one of those puzzles: You have to get 13 dwarves and a hobbit across the river in the least number of trips, it will only hold so many dwarves, yadda yadda. But instead of sending someone back with it, they keep throwing the rope across and back. Oh wells.

You'd think Beorn could have told them though, "take heart, for when you see the enchanted stream, you'll be almost out of the woods!"

Anyone else wondering if they would have eaten Bombur, if he hadn't chosen just then to woke up? Well, maybe not in a children's book...

And OF COURSE they leave the path. Like we didn't know they would, after Dire Warnings not to. Although at least I guess staving off starvation is a decent reason for it.

Meanie meanie elves! Bogarting all the food, and not helping travelers in trouble! Hrmph. Not to mention the taking of prisoners later on...

And woot, we get to see Bilbo kicking some butt for the first time. I mean, he did well enough in the goblin caves, but he didn't really *fight*. But now he's all Bilbo the Spider-Slayer! And on an empty stomach, to boot.

Attercop is apparently an "English dialect word" for spider, according to Wiki Pete.

And I'd say the dwarves are darn lucky none of them were dead, what with spider poison + possible suffocation!

Wood Elves vs. High Elves... how very D&D. Although the whole hoarding of treasure thing seems out of place.

And for Wednesday, Chapters 9 and 10.
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