Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: The Hobbit, September 14th reading

Sheesh Bilbo, you've been on the road for how long now? And still are trying to go put the kettle on, thinking you're home? Although given the dream he had at the end of the previous chapter, I guess it's somewhat more understandable.

I notice Gandalf puts "good management" before "good luck," in his little "oh hey, I saw you off safely!" bit.

I had completely forgotten about Beorn. But what the hell more easy-tempered friend do the dwarves think Gandalf is going to find for them, out in the middle of the woods? Geez.

Hrm, the way Gandalf was talking I was thinking he knew Beorn personally, but apparently not! He handles him pretty well though, regardless.

Dogs walking around on their hind legs using their front paws? Even so, without opposable thumbs one wonders if they give very good service... maybe I should try to train Lady to see how well she does. :p Also, considering how much Beorn doesn't like visitors, his "friends" seem pretty well equipped to deal with a bunch of them!

You know, as soon as Beorn said "oh, don't go out at night, because it's dangerous" I expected someone, possibly Bilbo, to do just that. But no, they didn't. Shocking.

It feels a bit weirder for Beorn to be lending them ponies and horses and all, when we know that his ponies and horses are so intelligent - it's almost like he's lending them slaves. *shiver* Well, I guess one can look at it like, they're his friends, and agreed to help out his other friends for a while.

So the river

Forgot to post the schedule last time! Monday, it's Chapter 8.
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