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Parasha: The Hobbit, September 7th reading

Hrmph. It would have been nicer of Gandalf the all-knowing to at least rouse Bilbo a little earlier than he did, so at least he had time to grab a few things for the trip!

Not to mention the dwarves, eating him out of house and home and just leaving the washing-up and all for him to do... though come to think of it, one wonders how Bilbo could even sleep through a dozen+ dwarves waking up, getting ready for a journey, cooking, eating, etc.

And man, I could definitely do with second breakfast, some mornings. Then again I eat breakfast late enough usually to qualify as early lunch, so maybe my dinner is second breakfast. :p

Hum, Gandalf seem to have a thing for white horses!

Sheesh, compare this book to things like, say, The Wheel of Time. In the course of less than a page, they've started their journey, traveled for unknown days, and already left their familiar lands behind and are passing through mysterious places. And about the only clothes described are the different-colored cloaks and hoods.

I find it hard to picture Gandalf eating most, with dwarves and a hobbit as his companions! I guess magic takes a lot out of a guy.

"And if all is perfectly safe and canny"... wow, you don't often see the use of canny, in the sense of not-uncanny! Then again, I wonder how much "uncanny" would still be in use if it weren't for the X-Men. :p

Are... those... cockney trolls? o_O I really don't remember those!

Well, I guess Bilbo did better in his first encounter than he might have, given his stealth and trying to help save things in the end, but yeah, he should have gone back in the first place, or at least warned the dwarves once he saw them starting to get picked off one by one! But then it's easy to say that here, from the comfort of our houses. :p

At least it looks like they rolled pretty well on the loot tables, when it was time to plunder the trolls' cave! Er... yeah, I think I may have read too much DM of the Rings. (Actually it just popped into my head before I thought of that comic, but that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, damnit.)

As an aside, since we see the first mention of Elrond, I remember when I was little I got him mixed up with L. Ron Hubbard, due to the name, and the Dianetics book being shilled all the time on TV when I was a kidlet. Probably around the same time I was first being introduced to The Hobbit thanks to the animated films...

Also: I want a pony! They gave Bilbo a pony. I want a pony too!

A very...

And we first see the very first thing starting off the whole "elves and dwarves don't get along"... because Tolkien said so! I was going to say "the whole trolls hate dwarves a lot thing didn't stick around though," but it did, in Discworld at least!

It's awfully lucky that Elrond happened to look at the map at just the right time, with just the right sort of moon behind it, eh?

Remember, Monday we cover chapters 4 and 5!
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