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Teeth suuuuuck.

This... really bites. Okay, it bites a bit badly/lopsidedly, but bites nonetheless.

So here I am last night, diving into a nice juicy barbecued rib, when I feel something HARD in my mouthful of meaty goodness. So, fishing it out, I discover... that it's a tooth. Or more specifically, the part of a tooth pretty much from the gumline up, which has sheared clean off. Lovely. Oddly, I felt absolutely no pain, leading me to wonder if somehow the tooth had just *died* and this led to the problem.

Luckily I'd already had a dentist appointment set up for today (how's that for timing, folks?), so I just called and left a message last night saying basically "um hey, I know I have an appointment tomorrow, but I wanted to forewarn you that bad ickiness happened and so that'll probably take precedence." Not in those words, obviously. And when I went in to the dentist today, I found that my suspicion was correct: at some point back in the past, my tooth got an abcess, and this led to the pulp inside the tooth just dying out completely. This apparently without the excruciating pain that usually occurs in such... um... occurances. So in other words I've been walking around for the gods know how long with a totally deader-than-a-doornail tooth that was gradually over time drying out, becoming more and more and more brittle, until finally last night... *snap*.

Which in itself is... well, painless, since as I'd said I felt *nothing* from this, not when it broke, not when I drank hot or cold things after, nothing. The sucky part though is that now Thursday I'm scheduled to go in for the first of two sessions for... *cringe* the dreaded ROOT CANAL *insert echo-ey canal-canal-canal-canal effects here*. (I was going to say echo-ey "anal-anal" effects, but that's a whole different subject, and not one that I want to have any connection with my mouth, 'k thanks. Or with chili, for that matter.)

Of course, since the abcess isn't in itself painful and the tooth is already dead, Jim, the root canal itself should be painless. *knocks on wood* It's just that I a) hate having to go back to the dentist again and get trapped on the chair for 45 minutes to an hour at a stretch, and b) this is going to SUCK cost-wise. It seems like every year I've been treating myself with one expensive item - first my pond, then my computer, then my nice TV upstairs in my room, but this year I had already bought my laptop before this happened. So now I have two nice wallet-hitting things in a year. Joy. Meh.

I think I'm going to curl up in a ball and whine like a Siamese cat for a while. *whine*
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