Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha; The Hobbit tentative schedule

This one's more tentative than usual, since the chapter lengths are weird. I'm trying to get each reading as relatively close to the others as I can, while still having time to get them all in, but that's still Not Very Close. If there are any suggestions/complaints, let me know!

Wednesday, September 5th: Chapter 1
Friday, September 7th: Chapters 2, 3
Monday, September 10th: Chapters 4, 5
Wednesday, September 12th: Chapter 6
Friday, September 14th: Chapter 7
Monday, September 17th: Chapter 8
Wednesday, September 19th: Chapters 9, 10
Friday, September 21st: Chapters 11, 12
Monday, September 24th: Chapters 13-15
Wednesday, September 26th: Chapters 16-19
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_hobbit
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