Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

So, that's that...

Gee, seems like we were just here a couple months ago...

So yeah, the extended cuts came out. And for whatever reason, they tell you to start way back at the start of the Cerberus base, although I didn't see any new stuff until... you're storming the beam way at the end.

By that point, I'd kinda almost forgotten I was playing with New DLC, and was just kinda in the mode of another playthrough, mentally. And then suddenly it's like "what... wait.... I don't remember this? Hey, I don't remember this AT ALL... wh... OH RIGHT!"

So yeah, at least they listened to the people telling them things like, oh hey, it would be nice to know what the FUCK your teammates were suddenly doing a) alive and b) on the Normandy, and crap.

Aside from that, yes, it's also good to have at least *some* closure. Although not quite as much as I'd like in some ways. I took the synthesis ending, since that's what I did before. Did the mass relays self-destruct? Were they still around? Were people able to get around again? The ending vibe was definitely more upbeat in general, with a whole "oh hai rebuilding!" thing, and a further note that the Reapers were basically providing all the combined intel of previous generations, but still.

And it is confirmed in this ending that both Anderson and Shepard are dead. Dead dead dead. (Although maybe Anderson isn't if you do things right with the Illusive man or something? I don't know, because I didn't get all the paragon-y choices, since I did a couple small renegade actions that apparently screwed me out of that. Punching that Quarian admiral was SO worth it though...)

Green glowy-eyed Krogan... *shiver*

I still don't like the limited choices, and the deus ex machina nature of the ending, though. But we've already been through all that, and at least they put out something to help clarify things a bit... still not thrilled with it in general though. It's better, but still not an ending fitting to the trilogy, I think.

Oh and... the fight with Marauder Shields and the Three Husketeers was much better this time around, but damn the fight before that... really really reminded me why I HATE FUCKING BANSHEES, as if I needed that reminder. Because I didn't, BioWare. No, really.
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