Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Astro City, June 25th reading

First off, sorry I haven't been commenting as much on the previous entries. I'll catch up at some point, now that I'm feeling vaguely humanish again (*knocks on wood*), I've mostly been doing braindead stuff the past week or so though.

Ah, looks like we're going to possibly have some infighting between the superheroes. Sad, but expected, when anyone human with human personalities gets together I guess!

Nice files. "No longer destroyed; disabled and imprisoned." Yeah, that's comics for ya. :p Seriously, these in-universe files could double as the sort of "Secret Files" things that give comic book readers stats on their favorite heroes. (And I imagine that's sort of what they're intending to do here for us as readers, in a minor capacity.)

Really, I guess that's what this story is probably about - giving us a look at the sort of weird person with a weird backstory that would be putting together these sorts of files in the first place.

Oorrrr it can be a retelling of the "find me one good man to save the human race" type story. Either way... Then again, who says it has to be just one thing?

Yeah, Crackerjack... kind of annoying. If anyone, y'know, needs that to be pointed out. But still doing the right thing, at least!

Er.... okay, after that "without the assistance of the girls here" thing... maybe "doing the right thing" is overstating it a bit.

And oh dear, that is not a good ending. So alien races can have crotchety old men, too! Who knew? I guess he's about to tell the gossiping old biddies to get off his galactic lawn.
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_astro_city
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