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I can't always remember my dreams very well, but when I can, sometimes they're just a bit weird.

Like last night. Apparently I must have had the upcoming Harry Potter release on my brain for some reason. Because I dreamt of having the new book in my hands, and starting to read it eagerly. And being steadily outraged - instead of a nice, thick, meaty tome of goodness, instead it was a normal-sized graphic novel. With art by the usual artist, of course. (DuPre? I'm still a bit sleepy.)

After fuming for a bit, I finally happened to glance at the title of the book, and it wasn't what the new title was supposed to be! (Yes, I realize it's "Half-Blood Prince" but I think in my dream it was supposed to be something else.) After a bit of poking around, I found out that this book was actually a "surprise addition" written by Rowling (who in my dream I'm pretty sure was male for some reason o_O) at some point at, say, an airport waiting for an airplane or something similar. And released a day or two earlier than the Half-Blood Prince release as a sort of additional story also taking place in the same school year. I'd been so eager to get started on the book, I didn't even realize that it was a day or so early.

So then about this point I got my order from Amazon of the actual book, and it was some deluxe edition with this binder that could hold this book (which was a huuuge book, even bigger than Order of the Phoenix), plus all the other books in the series, PLUS the other stuff Rowling had written. Which included... well, apparently in this dream universe Rowling was also a Marvel Comics writer, because it also had spaces for various trade paperbacks, trading cards, etc., that she/he'd had a hand in. And the kit included some of these items (that were bargain-bin type things that frankly the people putting the edition together had decided to just get rid of), including some X-Men trading cards and similar stuff.

Anyhow, I did actually start reading the book, and then actually moved on to the last book in the series which apparently had come out right away. But I remember almost nothing of the books from my dreams except that a) they frankly weren't very good (apparently if it's the best my subconscious could do, I should never write Harry Potter fanfic. So much for any Dobby/Hagrid slash), and b) Hermione and Harry apparently ended up together as an item. Well, I also remember that I pretty much just dreamt about Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Ginny may have been in there somewhere, but I don't remember anyone else. No Big V, no Snape, no Dumbledore, no Hagrid, no Malfoy... not much of anything really. One or two may have shown up briefly, but not enough that I actually remember them.

At this point I apparently woke up slightly and then fell back asleep, and after that point I dreamt about Nightcrawler instead. So I can't tell you how the dream-series turns out at the end, sorry.
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