Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Astro City, June 11th reading

Yeah, sorry, I almost forgot this due to it being delayed, and set back once already... oops!

So as a note, this is one that I haven't read before, so it'll all be new and fresh to me as I go along!

Anyhow. Nekkid dude! With the mysterious lack of genitals that seems to afflict comic book characters that happen to be shown naked. Well, unless it's an adult book, natch.

And the close-ups of the face are probably supposed to be making him look happy, but to me he just looks smarmy. YMMV. And that emergency transmitter thing looks... disturbingly organic.

So he's dreaming of flying, yet he CAN fly. Maybe he's dreaming of *carefree* flight, without having to be places and do things? That's the impression I've got in the short amount of space so far.

And oh, look, a superhero that works at a news agency under a cover identity. Never seen one of those... I guess it's going to be one of those stories, that kind of pays homage to/tweaks fun at the established stuff. :p

So if the.. ah... Samaritan is THAT powerful (able to fly halfway across the world in 6 seconds, able to break up tsunamis, and mitigate natural forces and all that... ) one wonders why he needs to be in a whole super group as well. Although I guess one could argue the same for, say, Superman (ooo, I said the name!), so I guess it's still maybe doing the homage/deconstruction thing?

So. I'm not sure after this if the stories are each mostly self-contained, or if they're part of a greater story arc. I was thinking we'd get to know the various characters more, after our rushed introduction and all, but now I'm wondering!

So the first installment is... interesting, but makes me feel a bit breathless. Both from getting so many characters, names, groups, etc. thrown at us, and also from trying to follow the Samaritan around in a rush! Sheesh.

And it's no wonder he's always busy, if he even deals with "crises" such as rescuing kittens from a tree. That just seems a bit odd, since I mean, pretty much every instant of the day there's going to be some life-threatening accident *somewhere* where he could be useful. Maybe the future society, plus the existence of more super-heroes, takes care of that somewhat, somehow? Still, it's a stretch.
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