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Another meme, *shock*

I like this one though. Gleefully stolen (mine! mine!) from takhisis. Even if looking back it exposes more of me than I probably want it to. *sigh*

What are 10 Things You'd Tell Your 18 Year Old Self?

1. Don't worry too much because y'know those people who keep telling you again and again and again that "your school days are the best days of your life," and you're thinking well hell, what do you have to live for then? Full. Of. Shit.
2. Write. Seriously. Because as absolutely "y'know, I know theoretically this happens but it would never happen to me" as it sound, you can make money off it, and if you can get into the habit now and really hone your craft? Just do it! And it's not as bad as when you're being made to do it, honest.
3. Don't lose track of your friends. Write once in a while, go see them, whatever. C'mon, make some effort!
4. In a couple years, when you come down sick and really just don't want to face the rest of the semester that one time in college? Buckle down and do it, even if you DO have Mono and can barely face getting up and doing *anything*. Because I'd like to know what life would be like now without having that extra year and a half of college loans to pay off (when I lost my scholarship) and getting a bit of a head start on things, compared to now.
5. When you get a chance to do Cool Stuff like an exchange program, do it, because as hard as it seems to go through with considering your neuroses, it'd be nice to look back on now, rather than always wondering what it'd be like.
6. And speaking of those neuroses? Don't let them grow. Do NOT let them get a foothold. Because they're worse than the nastiest weeds to get rid of once you do.
7. You know those instruments you like to play? Keep practicing them at least once in a while. Because once you let them go, they're hard as hell to pick back up. And it'd be nice to have that option of self-expression open, ya know?
8. Whatever you're totally stressing about at *any* point probably isn't worth it. Trust me, the thirty-year-old me doesn't remember half of it.
9. Take what opportunities to go play and have fun with people that you can, because even if they're not "gone" in a few years, things can still change forever. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.
10. Please take better care of your body. Pretty please?

There are probably more that I could thing of... like specific advice to give on what to say to that one Special Guy who walked away, whether it would have worked or not... but I think as general things to say, that'll do.
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