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Parasha: Alice in Wonderland May 21st reading

Right, I should get this done, rather than forget about it again! Oops...

The Duchess seems very oddly pleased to see Alice again... although it's quite possibly just pleasure at no longer being locked up awaiting execution!

Yeah, so, the theory about, say, sugar making kids/people sweet-tempered isn't self-serving or anything, I'M SURE.

As to everything having a moral... one wonders what the moral of the Alice books (or this one at least) would be... maybe "it's okay for kids to be impertinent to everyone as long as they're in a strange place and can get away with it"? Then again, by the Duchess' standards of finding morals of things, it could be anything.

Ugh, I HATE talking to people with no sense of personal space! Hate hate hate! This is my space! You go over THERE!

I'll admit, when I first read this as a kid, I totally DID NOT get the whole "mock turtle" reference thing.

One also wonders if the King is in the habit of pardoning just about everyone before they're executed, otherwise one wonders how the Queen has any subjects left! And from what the Gryphon says in just a bit, it looks as if this may be the case.

I'm sure the "If you don't know what a Gryphon is, look at the picture" aside is probably not helpful in the case of people reading a non-illustrated reprint! Then again, maybe they take that line out for those?

Maybe it's a shame the Gryphon wasn't around for the tea party, to tell Alice to hold her tongue... and so much for "and don't speak a word till I've finished."

Ugh, the Mock Turtle might almost be one of Piers Anthony's ancestors.

And damnit, every time Alice actually asks a good question, someone changes the subject. :p

At least Alice is starting to sloooowly learn her lesson on the subject of the inhabitants of Wonderland and her dinner...

The Lobster Quadrille song is based on "The Spider and the Fly," for what it's worth. (Apparently the better-known poem actually was originally based on a song, as well.)

And the other poem is based on this one. (Did no one teach some of these poets about meter? Good grief. Well, I guess you can make it work if you prune some of the words a bit...)

Sheesh, looks like Alice isn't the only one bad at interrupting people. Or bringing up what should be a sensitive subject (turtle soup, really?) Although maybe the interrupting at least is for the best, given the way that second poem would pretty much have ended...

As for the third poem, here you go.

Just one reading left after this, on Thursday!
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