Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Alice in Wonderland May 10th reading

Here is where the notes about the different animals mapping to people the real Alice knew comes in handy, since it makes her familiarity with them, and the Lory's attitude of "I'm older than you, I know better" make more sense. Not that "sense" is necessarily a key thing in this story, anyhow.

*snrk* Well, that passage is certainly dry, although I can see why it doesn't do the trick.

It's at least very kind of Alice not to laugh in the Dodo's face as it presents her the thimble... although she is very quick to then offend everyone with her cat... really, the girl needs to think for two seconds before opening her mouth. :p

And geez, I really really hope Alice doesn't make a habit of eating and drinking *everything* she finds, helpfully labeled "eat me" or "drink me," even in strange people's houses.

Humph, for someone who's been following the white rabbit around all this time, she's awfully mean to him, snatching at him with her oversized hand. :p And given that she wants out of her predicament, you'd think she might think of, oh, speaking up and saying something to them all. Also: poor Bill.

I do feel a bit bad that Alice has to run away from the puppy... it just SOUNDS adorable.

Ah, the caterpillar! That's always been a rather... memorable bit of the Alice stories for me, for whatever reason!

And since I forgot to include it before: the schedule!
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