Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Alice in Wonderland schedule

It actually looks like this book is shorter than I expected - it seems much more padded-out with the annotations, illustrations, etc. So if we take two chapters at a time, it should be handily finished. We could do one chapter at a time, but a) that might just be too damned short for each reading, and b) it'd stretch out for more of the month than we might like.

If y'all WOULD like a different schedule though, let me know, while it can still get changed!

Monday, May 7th: Chapters 1 (Down the Rabbit Hole), 2 (The Pool of Tears)
Thursday, May 10th: Chapters 3 (A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale), 4 (The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill)
Monday, May 14th: Chapters 5 (Advice From a Caterpillar), 6 (Pig and Pepper)
Thursday, May 17th: Chapters 7, (A Mad Tea-Party), 8 (The Queen's Croquet-Ground)
Monday, May 21st: Chapters 9 (The Mock Turtle's Story), 10 (The Lobster-Quadrille)
Thursday, May 24th: Chapters 11 (Who Stole the Tarts?), 12 (Alice's Evidence)
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_alice

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