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What I learned this morning:

What did I learn this morning? I learned that it's not exactly conducive to happy fuzzy sleeping wellness to be woken up at 9:30 am by a rabbit screaming its head off on the ground level just outside your window.

Luckily, it was screaming because it was trapped in the fence, not actually (yet) being mauled by the dog, and I managed to make it down there (in my nightgown I might add, fronting the busy street) to keep the dog off it before the vicious little beast *did* decide to start chowing down. As far as I know, Mr. rabbit (or Miss, or whatever) is healthy and doing fine. And hopefully learned something about trying to go through the really (relatively) small holes of a fence when it's a full grown bunny.

And technically I guess I was in one of those happy warm half-awake, half-asleep states where you're starting to have some consciousness of your body, but your mind's still pretty much in dreamland, one of those states where you might peacefully wake up gradually, or even fall blissfully back to full sleepitude. Obviously, I didn't get to see which would happen this morning, and it's a damn rude way to come to full consciousness, regardless.

Also luckily I managed to doze off for another couple hours, since I was up a bit later again last night, playing Romance of the 3 Kingdoms X. *happy sigh*

Oh, and something I'd meant to mention before: I had a nice thought the other day while listening to the Labyrinth soundtrack I just got through the mail. (I'd had it on vinyl before, but wanted a bit more modern medium that was easier to listen to.) Ya know, if you could take the story of Labyrinth, keep most or even all of the voices (though probably with new lines) and keep the songs, but make it an anime, that'd rock. I was struck by this thought while listening to "Within You" and realizing that I could totally see the whole dramatic posturing, lighting, etc., of anime put to that song. It'd also work pretty well with stuff like "When the World Falls Down"... though maybe not as well with Magic Dance or Chilly Down I suppose.

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