Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Howl's Moving Castle, April 25th Reading

Hum, I wonder why they had to change the colors on the doorknob, rather than just "reassigning" them. Especially since one of them still technically leads to the same place, just in a different location. If that makes sense. But maybe it was just to keep the humans from being confused and automatically going to use one color for one of the old locations...

We also get an idea of just how important it is to Howl to be where the Witch can't find him, given that he rushes into performing a spell that could kill him/Calcifer when he's still tired from a magical duel.

You'd think that for "reasons of disguise" Howl would still use a different name than Jenkins, given that he's been known by that name in at least one location for a while, and the Witch could have learned of it.

I do feel kinda bad for Howl, going through all the trouble and obviously not having Sophie appreciate it, but I feel more sorry for Sophie. It's got to be really weird coming back to your childhood home, having it altered by magic, and used as a home by two new people, who don't even realize it's your old home.

The running of the flower shop does sound very lovely, I must say. Although worrying about the Witch being so nearby when they're by the Waste must be a factor...

And the mandrake root part comes true... although I can't really blame Sophie too much. I'd have wanted to experiment, too. Still, she knew there was mandrake root up there, and it would have been helpful if she'd thought to ask which one it was, and avoid it.

I do wish Sophie would stop with that whole "being the eldest" thing! Although she's very definitely the eldest right now.

Miss Angorian is awfully rude! And here Howl calls Sophie a long-nose. :p And really, Sophie shouldn't feel too badly about "being so very unfriendly," when the other woman just barges in without a by-your-leave and starts poking around! Although as she herself remembers, she was also rather the same, herself... so maybe she should feel a little bad.
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