Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Howl's Moving Castle, April 23rd Reading

Eep, almost forgot again! What is it with Mondays and me forgetting? I guess that loooong two-day break over the weekend really throws me off. :p

And man, I made the mistake of lying the book down near the floor next to my computer desk, within reach of the cats, and the little white demon kitty got hold of it and started attempting to shred it! Gah. He hasn't pulled that particular trick before...

So yeah, we do see one bad consequence of Sophie moving in and cleaning madly without a by-your-leave, but to be fair no one bothered to say "oh hey, there are marks we might need again at some point, please don't get rid of them!"

It is a bit of unfair of Sophie to make rude comments about Howl "chasing about," since he was trying to do important things like buy the new house and such. (I mean, feel what you like about his trying to slither out of finding Prince Justin, it's still a good idea to NOT have the Witch of the Waste know just how to locate your bloody house...) Especially since he's going to be maybe making the cold worse in order to go pay his respects to his old teacher, when he feels like he might be in danger. Give him some credit, Sophie!

Hrm, where did Sophie learn the term "tissue"? She was thinking of them as paper handkerchiefs before, but now she's thinking of them as tissues. Wonder if it's just a slip.

Michael seems awfully chatty while he's in a horse disguise. Maybe people in Ingary are used to things like talking horses, though. At any rate, we certainly get an interesting variation on the classic wizard's duel. I'd like to know why mermaids singing are considered an "impossible thing" though when they obviously live right around there! Maybe in our own world, where the poem came from, but still...

And the Witch might be scary and strong, but at least Howl put up a good fight! I can see why he'd rather not fight her if he doesn't have to though - they're a bit too closely matched it seems. At least, as much as one can tell from a brief wizard's duel that we only see part of.

Tags: books, parasha, parasha_howl
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