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Parasha: Howl's Moving Castle, April 20th Reading

It's hard to tell if Sophie's feeling "decidedly queer" because of too much exertion, or just the splendor. From the descriptions, I'd feel a bit dizzy, too!

Well, Sophie's certainly... taking the bull by the horns, yes? I don't think this is QUITE how Howl wanted Sophie to blacken his name, but given the fact that I get stage fright myself, I feel nothing but sympathy for Sophie, here. I'm just impressed that she's able to speak coherently, and still attempt to get the job done!

I'll admit though, I'm curious now as too what all of "Howl's delicate remarks" were that Sophie had prepared, but forgot. I wonder if they'd have done better, or worse, at the job?

Hah, and here we actually get to meet (again, though we didn't realize at the time) the Count of Catterack, mentioned apparently in passing way back at the start! Very.. fairy-talish, as is appropriate, here.

The Witch might not believe Sophie, but she carries herself off pretty well, all things considered. It can't be easy keeping your stories straight when you're talking to someone who a) cursed you and b) you think might be ready to kill you with a thought. And speaking of the Witch, man, talk about putting the "wicked" in "wicked witch"...

Poor Sophie, she is really NOT having a good day, is she? But I think she carried everything off pretty well, whether she'd think so, or not. The best thing she can do is just be herself.

Another good mark for Howl - everything's going wrong for him as well, he's officially the Royal Wizard and is supposed to find Justin, but the thing he's most worried/upset about is the death of his tutor.

Howl is still all Dramatic with his cold, but I'll admit despite him running Michael ragged, I still feel sympathy for him... I turn into a big baby when I get sick and retreat into my room, too. :p Although I like to think I'm not quite as thoughtless as Howl, nonetheless. :p

"She had always been nervous of dogs, and greyhounds are not reassuring to look at." Huh, I always thought greyhounds, despite being fairly large, looked pretty harmless. Mostly because they look so... breakable. And high strung and nervous. (Well, I know, not ALL of them, but it's still the general picture I conjure up.)

And chapters 15 and 16 for Monday!
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