Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Howl's Moving Castle, April 16th Reading

Oops! No special reason this is late, other than just mind slippage. :p

"But she did not quite dare." Well, I guess there are some things that stop Sophie. :p Well, briefly, anyhow... Pretty rude of her though to go cutting up people's clothes to make stuff for herself though, especially after seeing how relatively easy it is for a wizard to fix tears in them.

Oh, and of COURSE the "niece" in Upper Folding isn't as good-looking as the one in Cesari's. Awww, to be young and in love.

I'll agree with Sophie though when she's trying to help in the spell... don't you HATE someone asking for your help, then shooting you down at every turn? Argh!

And of course the "catch a falling star seems silly to take literally, but then, this IS a fairy tale world.

Speaking of which... Michael and Howl seem to have some very odd spells ready-made! Then again, I guess some of it would be a lot more natural and common in a ye-olden-dayes-y society. Like horses casting shoes. And of course booze-making (that's always popular).

And yes, once again, Howl is a drama queen. As if we needed to know this again!

And you've got to be in a pretty odd situation when making the King think badly of you makes things better....

And cryptic talking to the skull and about the guitar, ooo. Hints being dropped... and also an interesting snippet between Howl and Calcifer.

And Sophie needs to pay more attention to her hints!

Tomorrow we do chapters 11 and 12!
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