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ME3: Just finished

So, Jesus, that end sucked ass, eh? I mean seriously. What. The. Fuck. I'm trying to figure out if I fucked up somewhere, because I'm having trouble seeing how this is an uplifting ending, and how any ending would be worse, unless like the galaxy *is* destroyed or something.

For the record... I got up there, saw the Illusive Man, managed to talk to him with Paragony options for everything except one final (I guess) choice, so I'm wondering if that fucked something up. And just *how* Paragony you have to be to unlock it, because there were few enough renegade choices for me that I could count them all on one hand. (Seriously, I slapped down the one Quarian Admiral, which was two, and I used one to take down Kai Leng, and... after that mess I used one to shoot the Illusive Man, after that point had already been passed. MAYBE like one more, unless some of the paragon options were "hidden" and weren't the top responses, which is possible.)

So then Anderson died, and Shepard was given the "choice" between three paths, all of them shit, and as far as I can tell she couldn't even actually choose. Unless you had to talk to the child to choose one of the first two or something? I don't know. So anyhow, this main character I have literally years invested in is destroyed, presumably at least the two squadmates she took with her are killed, if not the entire squad (except for EDI), the mass relays are destroyed, sending everyone back to the non-space-faring (except in a very limited range) days, oh, and everyone is some weird organic-synthetic hybrid. And basically all of my work getting various races at peace, having the geth survive, and all that, are flushed down the toilet because everything's changed anyhow and doesn't matter? The fuck?

I mean, seriously, what the HELL are these people smoking? And how is this at all a satisfying ending to literally years of playing the franchise?

And up until that part, the game was generally strong and addictive. Some bitching about stuff though:

a) The romance choices SUCKED. Especially if you romanced Thane the previous game, at which point you're left with Kaidan, mayyybe Joker?, and two girls, at least one of whom is actively annoying (I found).

b) The squad felt restrictive, especially since the lame pacing made you wait to get half the party members til you were halfway done the game or more.

c) Man, I'm also not a huge fan of the "darker and edgier and grittier" vibe, although that at least I can *understand* given the subject matter... I just didn't enjoy it as much. Along these general lines, I ALSO would have enjoyed having a little more say on whether certain characters lived or freaking died, rather than just having them sacrificed to the Story Gods, and without even a choice of someone to save (like in ME1) or a chance to pull them through (ME2).

I'm not really sure what else I want to say along those lines, because frankly the ending dwarves them all. I'm hoping that I somehow unlocked the bad ending somehow, despite thinking I did really well, and there's a way for things to not be so horribly shitty. It also pretty much kills all hope I had that maybe there'd be another ME game down the line, even if it doesn't follow Shepard (or maybe follows her, but obviously has a different focus).

(Oh, and whoever decided to have that little sequence going to the beam? Where you're moving through molasses and have to shoot all these things before they kill you? Fuck. You. Might add dramatic tension, but as a gameplay choice, it SUCKS, and guess what? This is a game!)

Edit: Oh, yes, and after the whole series is a heavy sci-fi vibe, having the final Catalyst being some vague spirity thing, which acts as a Deus Ex Machina one way or the other? Soooo horribly lame.

Oh well. Time to go sniff around and see what I missed, and if that really is the best ending there is. -_-


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Mar. 12th, 2012 08:41 am (UTC)
Sadly, the best ending is one where you destroy the entire Relay system - destroying galactic civilisation - but get a blink-and-you-miss-it scene after the Normandy crash where Shepard turns out to be alive on Earth.

When I get the time I am going to be one of the multitude of people writing their own endings for this game.
Mar. 12th, 2012 12:03 pm (UTC)
Yeah, unless the whole "it's a hallucination" theory does turn out to be real (or BioWare decides to make it so retroactively after the fan backlash), writing your own ending that completely ignores everything after getting hit on the way to the beam does sound like the best option.
Mar. 12th, 2012 01:34 pm (UTC)
The other endings are if you walk left (control) or right (destroy), rather than the beam in the center.
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