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ME3 Peoples!

Just a quick heads-up, since this seems to be a Thing. For anyone who bought and activated the From the Ashes DLC (included "free" as part of the limited edition), you should have gotten an email pretty much right away sending you out to start that.

However, it seems to be fairly common that the DLC goes partway through, then stops without letting you know this. (I'm *pretty* sure I actually saw a "download completed" notification, though I could have just misread it since I was in the middle of starting things up.) So myself and some others have been playing for a bit, and wondering "hey, when do we get to start the DLC stuff?" until we figure out what's wrong.

So... just consider this a heads-up. If you should have the DLC, and haven't been able to start it yet, try to redownload and see if that helps.


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Mar. 12th, 2012 08:46 am (UTC)
I downloaded all my DOC, this one included, before I started playing ME3, and didn't have any problems with it.
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