Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Up through Party Crasher achievement and touring the ship after...

Also of course the various side quests up til that point...

Man, I was doing SO WELL with being a goodie-two-shoes Paragon (which, to be fair, is more my personality type anyhow), I didn't punch any of the reporters, didn't even punch Conrad fucking Verner. But daaamn, if it wasn't so satisfying smacking down that goddamn Qunari admiral. First figuratively, then literally.

Okay okay, maybe I should have done the former and then not the latter, since it wasn't exactly professional and ally-gathery. But geez, first he does his damndest to perpetuate a genocidal attack upon their created race, then he attempts to BLOW UP A SHIP with Shepard *and* one of his own fellow admirals still on board it, going against agreement, and putting his fucking civilians at risk in the process. Not to mention bending another fellow admiral over a barrel at the same time. Fuck. You. Get off my ship.

(And seriously, is Legion bending over backward to appease Shepard or what? Seriously, I'm almost wanting to smack him around and say "what the fuck are you doing over here with us, helping?")

And "Sparks"? Oh I'm sure Tali's going to get along with Vega SO WELL. Actually she might, since she gets along with pretty much everyone who lets her. Hell, she even gets along with Legion now, apparently. Although Javik... not so much. Geez Javik, way to continue to be a prick. You're lucky you're useful in battle...

I'll admit though, I was curious to see an encounter between him and a hanar, and I got to see it! Hee! "A pity we didn't teach them to speak better"... *snrk*

On other fronts...

First, one thing I meant to ask before... does the damn dog mech thingy that they even pushed as part of the collector's pack even DO anything? I mean, other than wander around the hangar? How insultingly lame. -_-

It's nice to see that everyone in-universe also realizes that Shepard can't dance worth shit. I've seen both Jack and Garrus make fun of her dancing so far. Hee. Not her driving yet, although I DID see the handling of the Mako lampshaded in a conversation between Vega and Cortez. "agility of a drunken rhino" I believe was the phrase used...

Oh, and I decided to go with the Kaidan re-kindling of the romance, I just didn't have the heart to shoot him down when he was being such a damn sad puppy about it (and since I didn't see any decent alternates presenting themselves, since I'd already shot down Ensign Perky's replacement by that point). I nearly did though when he opens the discussion with "I understand why you cheated..." Um, no, dipshit. After you pretty much accused me of being a traitor, a Cerberus sympathizer/puppet, and an all-around puppy kicker, I don't think I was "cheating" by moving on. Just count yourself lucky that Thane died, and you get a second chance.

Hm, nice to see Jacob again I guess, and maybe even getting a smidgen of personality. And somewhat nice to see Zaeed again, considering the circumstances *smirk* (Although was that whole sidequest clunky, or not? I mean, one second she's listening in on an active conversation WHILE ENTERING THEIR DOORWAY, the next, there's total carnage?) Samara... was nice to see her again I guess, although I never absolutely adored her. She's cool though. Here's hoping Miranda continues to be only Ms. Appearing Only Briefly, too.

I'm oddly starting to get the feeling though that Cerberus is acting like it's doing in order to give various forces a (less overwhelming) common foe, and to funnel support toward Shepard and her project that they might otherwise not accept. That's probably fanciful, but there really seems to be something going on under the surface there. Or maybe Jed *is* just indoctrinated. After horribly misreading the whole Udina situation, I'm not even going to try too hard to figure it out ahead of time. Eesh.
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