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Obligatory ME3 progress post: through "Arbiter" achievement (and aftermath)

Right, so, don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled for that (it's... the "Priority" mission where you're asked to go back to the Citadel for something, if you're not really watching achievements or whatever).

This includes running around doing all the stuff I can on the Citadel after the whole showdown, before leaving again. Just to be clear what I'm spoiling through.

Anyhow. This is what I get for deciding to hurry through a couple Priority missions in hopes of getting more old teammates back (or even new teammates)... Everything goes to hell on the Citadel, and I end up apparently not able to finish up a couple of the minor fetch sidequests. Still, I don't think that will be greatly important. But still. Bah.

So anyhow, where the fuck to even start?!? So yeah, the end of the curing the genophage mission is where I really sat back and decided Shit Is Getting Real. I mean, it was already getting real obviously (Reapers on Earth for fuck's sake!), but... but... they KILLED MORDIN! OMG, that was just so sad. I mean it's not bad enough they kill him off, but they have to follow him and have him cheerily singing patter songs as they off him. After the comment about "wish I'd been able to study the seashells." I... I just... just... *lip quiver*

And then the next Priority mission? Those... those... those... UTTER BASTARDS. I mean here I am, thinking "oh hey, there's Nightwing(1)! Hey, he's cute... maybe I'll have another option for romancing, if he's recruitable! (Cause here I am, silly me, thinking the whole Udina thing is a red herring and that it's really the Salarian councilor that's shady, cause I mean COME ON. And that the whole "Nightwing is my antagonist" thing will be a Misunderstanding to be hashed out.) And then... he KILLS THANE! I... I... I just... okay, they killed off one of my romances, the other one's currently busy a) being a Spectre and b) pissing me off... WTF, BioWare? Seriously, I can not believe they killed off Thane! I... I... I just... GAH!

And plus now what am I going to do for the romance achievement? I don't even know what my goddamn options are at this point... no one's tried to do more than any vague flirting so far, and Vega is SO not my type, I don't know if you can kindle romances with previous romanceable teammates if you didn't romance them the first time, Kaidan's pissed me off, I... didn't even try with Joker (I don't know if that was an actual route, or just a "for fun" dialogue option they threw in)... did I mention Vega's so not my type? Augh!

Let's see... what else? Udina... Jeeez, Udina. Man, and here I thought you were a basically good guy genuinely trying to do the best for humanity, even if you acted like a douche most of the time. And you were getting more likable as a Councilor. And now... this? What. The. Fuck? I should have shot your ass instead of letting Kaidan do it. I think at that point part of me was still trying to figure out how it was all going to be a misunderstanding.

Also, seriously, am I ever going to get more team members? I've seen a lot of them, and some of them still may come on board but... I've got to be a good bit of the way through the game so far, and I have a whole five teammates besides Shepard? And Jack's and Kasumi are off helping the Crucible, Mordin and Thane are dead, Wrex is playing diplomat... my options are dwindling here, y'all.

On the brighter side... the whole joke-exchange between Joker and Garrus? Damn near killed me. I really really want to see Garrus tell that one joke to Vega... seriously.

And the Thresher Maw Vs. Reaper ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny? Completely awesome. Just... damn.

Other things I've realized in general that took me a while: a) There is a manual that you can read. Yes, I know it's listed as a menu option on the start menu, but I thought it was just a diagram of the controller layout, and didn't notice you could continue on past there. Eesh. b) You can actually SEVERELY increase the recharge rate of your powers by choosing your loadout ahead of time, and just not taking *any* guns from one of two of the categories. I mean, I realized that weight you carry affects power recharge speed, I just didn't realize you could leave some behind. Also, upgrading the weapons from the one console in the hangar can seriously improve the weight on the ones you do carry. Plus of course some of the weapon mods. Yes, I am slow with this shit.

E: Oh, one other thing I meant to mention... what am I? The fucking Nursemaid to the Galaxy? Why do I have to hold everyone's hand through all these little minor things? Shepard is busy trying to save the Galaxy, is she *really* the best person to be helping to investigate a corrupt Councilor? (Especially with the fact that you'd think these people might have heard of the whole "conflict of interests" thing? I mean for fuck's sake, people.) Yeah yeah, it DID turn out she was best to be there at that point, but that was a total coincidence.

What else? Oh, I did mention I did a sweep of the Citadel and did everything I could after, right? Well, be forewarned, cause I'm about to talk about that...

Oh. My. Gods. So. Conrad, Conrad, Conrad. Fucking hell. I just... I don't even know where to go with that whole scenario. a) still a Putz. b) he... is a scientist? I don't even... who.. what... how... gah? And geez, did they pull together a bunch of plot elements from the previous games for that whole thing, or what? "Oh hey, here's this contact that Shepard already knows, and can help convince! Oh, you mean THESE ancient Asari writings that I collected back in the first game? Oh, you need THIS old license that I bought back in ME1? Oh hi, random other person I saved back in the first game and who has exquisitely bad taste!" I just... dude.

Oh, and spoilers I guess for the extra content that you get free with limited edition/that you can buy separately:

Man, I'm just rolling my eyes now, every time I'm seeing a little fetch quest to get ancient Prothean shit to help people understand the Protheans better, their language, etc., and I'm just thinking "how about instead I wander to the ass-end of the galaxy, I just bring Javik here and make him answer some questions? I really wouldn't mind twisting his arm..." (Also, is he a prick or what? I'm cutting him as much slack as I can for waking up with the rest of his race dead for 50,000 years, but a lot of that is obviously his personality/culture.)

Also? I don't know about other character combinations, but I took Liara and EDI on that mission, and it's hilarious, at least in one or two places. (And spellcheck? Why are you telling me "combinations" isn't a word?)

Hrm, I'm sure there was more I wanted to say about some of the content, but damn, Mordin and Thane mostly just pushed it out of my brain. Oh well, I'll catch up on chatter on other people's threads if nothing else, I'm sure.

(1)Thank you for that, desdenova if/when you get caught up with this, I will now never ever be able to see him as anything else.
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