Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

So, wandering my ship for the first time...

Yay, have a few first impressions at least, having visited the different areas and played through up to this point. Do I need to mention there are potential spoilers for early game?

a) Gods, Kaiden you whiny little bitch. Well, okay, not at this particular second, given... well, given. But still. "Waaaah, you didn't let me know what was going on while you were busy being DEAD!" "Waaaah, I don't know if I can trust you not to be coordinating all this shit with Cerberus given that, y'know, you've been under HOUSE ARREST and under serious supervision for six months, and you're currently taking every chance you can get to blow their asses out of the water!" Give it a fucking rest.

Yeah, I went with the Paragony options just because, and for old times' sake, but what I really wanted was a "You know, I'm glad I dropped your ass like a hot potato for a bit of drell booty, because damn, boy. Thanks for not making me regret it!"

b) Those bastards didn't feed my fish! They're all gone! :( *sadface* SO IS MY SPACE HAMSTER. I am not a happy Stormfeather. I think first stop, if I can go there, will be that Asari planet to see if they sell more, again.

It is so weird to wander around the Normandy in a whole new game, and have some parts of it being sooo similar to the previous game. I keep expecting to wander down below engineering and see Jack there, or the two cool engineers at those terminals above her. And I was all sadfacey again, going into Life Support and not seeing Thane there. But hey, Chakwas! So it's not all bad!

c) Man, this is already starting to feel a bit like a Suikoden game. I've got my little castle^Wship, and now get to go around recruiting stars of destin^W^W^Wwar assets! (Note, this is not a bad thing AT ALL!)

d) Yay, they apparently are going with the "oh hey, there are actually multiple sexual orientations on this ship!" route. I've had one guy casually bring up the fact that he had a husband at one point when I asked about his family, and another gal apologize to EDI for commenting that her voice was attractive. Thumbs up, Bioware. At least, so far.

e) Geez, Shepard once again has a roving eye... I can't even have a conversation with at least one person without either a) hitting on them or b) being all rude and Renegade-y. Down, girl! Although THANK HEAVENS that that's not what he meant when he asked her to "dance" while talking. Because I really suspect she has not gotten any better with time. Unless she has spent all of her house arrest working on her dance moves.

f) I finally got Shepard's face back, but at the start at least, it seemed like mouth movements weren't meshing well with conversations, and it was all... disjointed and all. Either it's gotten better quickly though, or I've just gotten used to it already.

g) On the other hand, targeting is NOT getting any better. I mean wandering around and clicking on things to talk to them and so on, not necessarily combat targeting. Good grief, it's awful!

Gah, I think that'll do for now. Especially since I've got to get back to the game! *wanders*
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