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I forgot to read ahead this time, so I'll be doing it as I go...

Ho boy, with a title like that, how could it go wrong? >_>

Lots of smoking going on, Mina included, but then that's hardly surprising given the times.

When did Mina get made the leader? Wonder if it was assigned, or she just... slipped into the role?

Huh, you'd think Griffin would go with a "disguise" that he could take off more easily if he needed to go fully invisible. More easily-removable clothes, a mask and gloves, perhaps?

Ah, goat-slitted pupils on the eyes. Reminds me of the descriptions of the demons in the Rachel Morgan (the Hollows) series. Which seems to be the effect he's going for here, as well... unless that's a detail from the original. I don't know.

Nice to see Mina out-thinking the guys and using her brain, after her introductory chapter.

Gee, somehow I get the sneaking suspicion that Quatermain doesn't go around playing lower-class British much. Just a hunch, mind.

Huh, you'd think a guard would be armed with, like, at least one gun in place of one of those three swords. Yes?

Anyhow, well, that went quick! Action's finally picked up, and yet I don't have much to comment on for some reason! If I missed anything, feel free to point it out. ;)


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Feb. 18th, 2012 05:25 am (UTC)
Nice to see Mina out-thinking the guys and using her brain, after her introductory chapter.


I don't know what to think about the Evil Chinese stuff. So far, LXG here seems very meta to me. The movie (sorry, that's my immediate point of reference) was straight-forward: Here's an alternate universe where all these characters go have an adventure! By contrast, the comic so far has a different feel; it's making commentary about the period itself -- characters, mores, hidden historical references, and more. Less about the plot and more about the environment, if you know what I mean? Maybe I'm wrong, and it's just that we're starting out and getting introduced to everyone. Or, maybe I'm wrong and projecting my own expectations -- "well, this was written in 1999, so they couldn't possibly believe the whole Evil Chinese thing, so this must be commentary on prevailing attitudes at the time". And maybe that's not what they intended.
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