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Parasha: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Feb. 13th reading

Yes, it's the 14th, sorry.

(On a side note: like Kingdoms of Amalur wasn't enough, now they've released the latest Dwarf Fortress? Yeep!)


Huh, Mina's handwriting looks something like mine! Well, but neater.

Man, so does Mina come across like a schoolmistress, or what? Okay, not like the one we meet later in the chapter, but eesh.

So yes, Jeckyll apparently faked a suicide, as did the Invisible Man it turns out. Lots of that floating around, apparently! But at least it gives the League a larger cast to play with while still... er, vaguely waving a hand in the direction of "consistency with the parent works." Vaguely. (Like with the whole Great Detective being dead and gone for eight years before the turn of the century, assuming of course that's talking about Holmes.)

It also seems a bit odd for Mina to be writing a letter to Mr. Bond. WTF? Where are they going to post it from? And for that matter, is it really going to get there any faster than the Nautilus? One of those cases where the framing device falls apart a bit when you take even the slightest look at it.

Normally I'd be annoyed at the pot-shots at "the modern suffragette," but Mina really does come across as waspish, doesn't she? I mean, I wouldn't really mind if she just straight chewed people out for acting incompetently, but there's this passive aggressive tone to it that just sets my hair on end. Which makes me wonder about what Moore himself feels about women, the suffragettes, and so on.

Then again, maybe I'm thinking too hard, and he's just not that great at portraying a strong yet sympathetic woman.

No clue what the Hetty Duncan affair and/or Inspector Donovan are supposed to be referring to, if anything. That's the problem with books like this - any little reference added just for color and depth seems like it has to be a Sly Allusion.

And somehow, I suspect if three girls at a boarding school got knocked up, the world WOULDN'T be assuming that these were virgins and there was another immaculate conception. Or spate of them.

I'm wondering what Mann Crossman & Paulin is supposed to be a reference to... or maybe it's supposed to be an escapade from earlier with the League or some such, that we haven't yet been made privy to?

I do like the statement from the man or men about "suffer it as best we can and think of England," which of course refers to that other better-known quote. :p

Oh and joy, the obligatory spanking scene! Wait, we're not reading Wheel of Time Illustrated? Huh?

And they have highly-pregnant young girls apparently ready to give birth from the look of it, just paraded about? Huh. I'd have thought they'd be kept discreetly out of view that close to birth, but then maybe the artist is exaggerating the development, or maybe my ideas of Victorian pregnancies are out of date (since I'll admit I'm extrapolating more from the Regency).

And, nothing like a good old-fashioned sex scene in the middle of the action! And geez, you'd think he'd find it a bit hard to... perform with the audience, even if he can't be seen himself. -_-

And at least Mina's in control of the situation here! SOMEONE thinks a bit quickly, anyhow. I assume this is why the decoration was noted to be going on, so that no one has to wonder "so just how did she have a bucket of paint handy?" :p

And yet another quick character slipped in.... Pollyanna. :p

And so our League nabs itself not only a mass-murderer, but also a rapist, in quick succession. I think Mina should have counted herself LUCKY to be stuck with the pirate and drug-addict.

And... Lunar Expedition? Wait, what? o_O Ah, apparently it's a reference to a Wells book, according to Wiki Pete (thank you Pete!)

Speaking of which, I recognize Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels and Natty Bumpo from the Leatherstocking Tales... and Fanny Hill even though I haven't read that... not sure about Mr. and Mrs. P. Blakeny though, and had to look up Dr. Syn.

And we won't even get into the blurb at the end, although I imagine it's pretty much just a send-up of how they might have talked about it back in the day.
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