Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Feb. 8th reading

Time to start, finally!

Campion Bond eh? Reference to M puts this squarely in the "has something to do with THAT Bond" camp, but we get no further elucidation at this point. (I did sneak a peak at what wiki Pete had to say about him though, just in case I was missing something.)

I like the "John Bull" matches and their slogan btw, and I'm wondering if there's anything to the Harlequin costume on the cigarette case.

And Mina Murray huh? Gee, she sounds familiar for some strange reason! :p

I wonder why the split between Mina and Jonathon? Well, except for the fact that she works better as an agent in this case if she's single. :p Maybe she got annoyed at all of them cutting her out of the loop and thus putting her in harm's way, during the whole... affair?

"The Captain".... with mention of inflammation in the brain. Heh, this could be a few captains, actually. Captain Ahab also sprang to mind at first, but it's quickly narrowed down to Nemo. And it's been ages since I've read any version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (and that was only a very abridged version for kids), so I'm not sure if he's actually supposed to be Indian, or if it's just a new interpretation of the character. (Maybe we should do that book soon!) I wonder how Mina met him to "recruit" him, come to think of it? Other than her reading about him... maybe that was it? She just... suggested him to her handlers?

I also really enjoy the interpretation of M being Mycroft Holmes (who I believe we didn't get to, in our one reading of Holmes for Parasha). It's... fitting!

I'll admit I also had to look up Quatermain in the wiki, since I haven't read King's Solomon's Mines or any of the related book. I knew the name, it was familiar to me through cultural osmosis I guess, but I couldn't immediately place it.

Part of me is annoyed that Mina is so quickly overpowered and needs to be rescued (and by a drug-addled sickly old man to boot), but it was at least two larger men vs. her... and she comes back at the end to stab one of them in the back.

And now we get Dupin. I actually have a copy of Murders in the Rue Morgue somewhere in my To-Read books to, well, read, but I haven't yet. Meh, now I wish I had. Oh well. (Especially since this sort of spoils it anyhow, unless it's a "creative interpretation," which I doubt.

A Demi-Mondain.. such a delicate way for her to put it. :) And I like the touch about the scarf, which Mina refuses to remove... one assumes due to scarring from her bites.

And nice implication that Dupin, ah, knows the local prostitutes quite well. For non-professional (well, on his side) reasons.

And gee, a monstrous murderous figure, a missing doctor, and a more delicate doctor named "Henry." I wonder what could POSSIBLY be going on here. *cough* Especially when the beast introduces itself as Edward. Dun dun DUN!

Although the artist (and writer) have allowed themselves some leeway with the depiction of Edward, who wasn't anything like that. Unless there have been further... mutations, or messing with the formula or what have you, which I guess is possible!

Anyhow, quite an interesting opening so far, and various of our readings have already come in handy!
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