Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Superbowl thoughts...

Enh, fuck it, might as well.

First: There was a football game? Really? Okay, I guess I do have a couple comments, despite mostly not watching the actual game part.

1) I am twelve, because I still giggle every time they start talking about the tight ends, especially how there aren't any left, and so on.

2) Dude, can football players not count? Or more to the point, their coaches? Seriously, how do you keep ending up with twelve guys on the field in your team, in the pro leagues? I was only partly watching the sports part, and caught two penalties given for that, alone...

Anyhow, other thoughts on the more important stuff of the night!

Man, Madonna's aging well! As in "holy shit, she's 50+?" well. Motley Crue... not so much. Nor Ferris Bueller, sadly, but that's okay, because it was AWESOME seeing his commercial. Just reached right down to flip those nostalgia switches.

As I mentioned in comments elsewhere (and somewhat on comments), Fuck Budweiser. Man, they usually have great commercials for the Superbowl from what I can bring to mind (we won't talk about the beer), but man. A) I was SO tired of seeing them even before the halftime show, and B) If they were going to shove their commercials down our throat, they could at least have made some of them entertaining!

Other than that, man. Trying to think of some of the commercials I liked... I liked the cheetah one, but then, hey, animals! Already mentioned Ferris, but it deserves another mentioned. Sooo tired of, or, or whatever it is these days.

The baby reaching for the Doritos with the help of the grandma was cute, if only for the AWESOME expression on the kid's face, although they soured me a bit before that with the burying-the-kitty one. Grrr.

"The Darth kid" was fairly cute... it seems like there were at least one or two others I wanted to mention, but now I can't think of it. Oh, the Seinfeld/Leno one was kinda neat?

Anyhow, just thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. :p

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