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Arts and Crafts in the Summer Sun

So today and tomorrow are our local "Heritage Days" festival days. Whee. Actually, I enjoy going every year for the most part. This despite the fact that it's always on one of the first weekends in June, and thus the weather is pretty much always wretched. Most days, like today, it's way too damn hot to be walking around in the open, even without the steep hills and so on that the festivalgoers have to navigate. When it's not devestatingly hot, it's usually because it's raining. Today while I was there it was the former, but after I got home it opened up with a full-on thunderstorm (yes, again), so I guess I'm still a bit ahead, there.

As always, I spent more money than I should have. -_- Bought some foods for my father and mother (well, mostly my father) as well as some hot dogs and a snow cone for myself to bring home and nosh on. Bought a couple gifts, and of course some flowers since there are always plant and flower vendors of various types there. Didn't really see anything totally amazing this year but... hey, at least I got out of the house. And I *did* get to pet the alligator, and the armadillo. (And is it just me, or do those sound like kinky euphamisms?) Could have spent a little more time hanging around there I think, if it hadn't been for the nasty heat (and the fact that I knew I had to do an annoying amount of walking even off the festival "grounds," since parking for Heritage Days is always a royal bitch.)

Of course, this does also mean that I didn't get any yardwork done today, since by the end of that I was pretty much pooped. I did at least get some minor things done inside the house, and tomorrow's always another day. (How very Scarlett.)
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