Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Hum.... Could be great or absolutely terrible...

Let's hope that this is a rumor, or a separate, stand-alone thing:

Multiplayer Dragon Age?

Now, if they did do a separate (outside of the main game series) MMORPG or something, that might actually be cool. Assuming they could come up with a new combat system for it, better crafting, etc.

If however the next game in the series (and all the rest after) had forced multiplayer or something... please no.

I really don't think they'd do that though. So I'm not too worried, even if this isn't a rumor. But still, I'd rather in that case that they put the extra effort into the game itself, than trying to figure out how to fit multiplayer into it...
Tags: links, video games
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