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Parasha: Dracula, November 23rd reading

Ouch, got a stupid bloody headache. Let's try to get this done before it explodes, shall we? :p

Also, I was mixing up chapter 27, which is called Mina Harker's Journal in my ToC, with an extra chapter at the end, so it looks like this is actually the last reading. Sorry about any confusion!

"A poor weak woman"... *sigh*

Ah, the Orient Express! Wonder if there was a murder on board? Ah, maybe not.

It's odd to see "running water" here meaning the tide coming in and going out, since we've become used to seeing it mean a stream or river, in various vampire tales!

Judge Moneybag eh? Yay for bribery and corruption!

"'Euthanasia' is an excellent and a comforting word!" Maybe to you, bucko...

Ah, and that wonderful old thought that a criminal is "undeveloped" and childlike and all that good stuff.

Yeah, figures, the 'Murican is the one who doesn't speak any foreign languages. :p

And once again, Mina to the rescue! Dun dun dun! I guess it's her "man's mind" and all that...

"the... the... the... Vampire"... right, who actually WRITES OUT their verbal hesitations? If you have trouble writing the word, you just pause until you can do it. Eesh.

Huh, right, the bit about the "movable horn" reminds me that this would still be in the days of riding sidesaddle. Something which I have never done, I may add, though it might be neat to try it once, just to see what it's like.

It doesn't seem very fitting that the entry for Halloween should be so short and uneventful!

Hum, no mention of an accident in Harker's journal.... wonder if maybe it was the Count's launch? That would be helpful, if so! *Reads on* or... maybe not.

Ahahaha, extra garlic into the food. Okay, so I guess it's the bulb as well as the flower, even here... and that's just so like a vampire comedy movie or something, it amuses me. Actually, I'm picturing that one scene at dinner in Lost Boys...

Oh dear, this doesn't bode well for Madam Mina. I think "bode" being the key word here. I'm glad though that Van Helsing has, like, an endless supply of holy wafers!

It's awful nice of Dracula to mark out his own tomb in big letters and all that!

Going out hunting Dracula with a Winchester rifle... that just seems so... odd! I am glad though to see Mina with weapon in hand, ready to take part in the final showdown!

And wow, what an... abrupt showdown it is. We barely even get a glimpse of Dracula this time, and *whoosh* off with his head, and stabbed through the heart, and dust.

And poor Quincey. At least he got his shot in at the vampire? But so... unceremonious! Although I guess one dying out of six isn't bad?

And done! That feels so...abrupt at the end, that I'm a bit at a loss!
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