Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Dracula, November 23rd reading

Gee, it feels like I just did this yesterday for some reason. :3

How very kind of them to finally decide that Mina should know everything. Y'know, now that she's being snacked on by a vampire, and all.

I really really hope it would be a bit harder even in that day and age to, y'know, sell off a house's belongings and knock one down. Although given the prevalence and ease of yard sales, maybe not for the former. And I wonder what kind of assurances are needed, come to think of it, for a locksmith to open up a house? It wouldn't seem a very practical housebreaking method in this day and age at least, since neighbors would know if someone didn't belong even if the homeowners were away, and it'd take too long and draw too much notice.

"His head is what you call in plane with the horizon." Well I guess that's one way of saying he's got a level head... and forced foreign-ness, much? Eesh, like anyone would actually say that, if they're not taking the piss...

So by the bit where Jonathan says that if Mina has to be a vampire, she won't "go into that unknown and terrible land alone," I'm assuming (from what he says after) that he means he'll let her turn him into a vampire too? That... I was not expecting! Vampire Jonathan, now there's a thought...Here's where I might say "cue lawyer jokes," but I know too many lawyers. ;)

Oh noes! They're splitting up! Haven't they ever seen any horror movies? Well, I guess not. ;)

And ooooo, the first confrontation with the Count! And of course that can't be the end of it... too quick and easy. ;) (And did no one bring a stake? Yeesh, haven't they seen an... nevermind.)

Yay for Mina's bright ideas! Someone has a brain!

"they say much of blood and bloom"... hehheh. I can just imagine.

And now Mina's going to be kept out of their council again, but at least now it's for a better reason, and one which I'll admit I wondered if it'd come up!

And yay, Mina goes with them, and they're not going to argue it! They may have learned a lesson!

Anyhow, back to Transylvania, and I guess that should be expected - things indeed go full circle. Should be an interesting end!
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_dracula

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