Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Dracula, November 21st reading

Yeah yeah, it's November 22nd now. Shush! :p

Yes yes, we get the picture, the sweet little lady did the clerical work, so now her job is done and the big strong men can get to work.

"A respectable lunatic." Okay then.

So what, is Arthur a reverse Pied Piper now? *reads on* oh, nevermind. That makes more sense!

And why, oh why, when they know the vampire is much less powerful in the daylight and prone to being at home and all that, are they starting their hunt at 5am? *headdesk* I mean, even if they're just checking the boxes, they know it's someplace the Count might be, and you'd THINK they'd want to be more sure of their secrecy!

Oh gods, so you're hunting a vampire, and yet think nothing of coming home to find your wife who "looks paler than usual" and is so horribly tired? I.. you... gah!

Also, argh, I think Mina desperately needs a bit of that despised "New Woman" injected into her.

And for people who you'd think don't want to be traced back, they're surely leaving their names and addresses and all around all over the place. Obviously these guys need the help of a modern-day (or noir-era) private detective!

Count de Ville? *facepalm*

Oh gee, so the vampire flunky is praying and all that, and then the thought-to-be-reliable attendant "dozes off" mysteriously. Wonder what could possibly be happening there. Yeah, guess you can't trust those attendants after all, Seward. *sigh*

And yes, apparently these guys need a lunatic to point out to them that oh hey, a vampire's feeding on Mina!

Oh yes, Arthur, shrink back from breaking in the door of the nice lady who's being fed on by a vampire because it's "unusual" and "might frighten her." *grumble* save me from Victorian gentlemen...

Oh hoh, so apparently there's some grains starting up the "the vampire's victim also drinks from the vampire to be turned" thing here, too. Although that apparently wasn't the case with Lucy, or at least we didn't have it pointed out. Wonder what's different here? It's too long since I've read the book the first time. Aaah, apparently it's so he can call her to him and so on. Hmmm.

"My bountiful winepress for a while".... gah! How very... to the point.
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